Program Specific Outcomes
PSO.1 Apply appropriate techniques and modern Engineering hardware and software tools in power systems to engage in life- long learning and to successfully adapt in multi-disciplinary environments
PSO.2 Understand the impact of Professional Engineering solutions in societal and environmental context, commit to professional ethics and communicate effectively.
Program Educational Objectives
PEO.1 To provide students with the knowledge of Mathematics, Basic principles of Engineering and Computing, Basic Sciences and Social Sciences in general and Electrical Engineering in particular so as to develop necessary skill to analyse and synthesize electrical circuits, algorithms and complex apparatus.
PEO.2 To prepare students as competent to analyse and provide economically feasible and socially acceptable solutions of real life technical problems in industry, research and academics related to power, information and electronic hardware.
PEO.3 To prepare students to excel in professionalism, smart and ethical conduct, interpersonal skills and adoptability in communication to prevalent trends in technology as well as changing technology so as to work successfully in various Industrial and Government organizations, both at the National and International level, with professional competence and ethical administrative acumen so as to be able to handle critical situations and meet deadlines.
PEO.4 To prepare and encourage students to undergo research work as well as to involve in scientific innovations for sustainable development