Name Perticulars Designation
Dr. L. R. Yadav A Entrepreneur, industrialist, educationalist and chairman of Trust Chairman
Mrs. U.L. Yadav A Entrepreneur and Vice-Chairman of Trust Member
Mr. R. S. Yadav A Industrialist and Secretary of Trust Member
Mr. Vinay LR Yadav A Educationalist and Member of Trust Member
Mr. Ramsevak Yadav A Technocrat and Member of Trust Member
Dr. D. V. Jadhav Nominee of the AICTE, RO (Ex-Officio) Member
SPPU Representative Nominee of the University of Pune, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Member
Dr. Abhay Wagh Nominee of the Govt. of MS, Director, Technical Education, Mumbai, (Ex-Officio) Member
Dr. S.N. Talbar Professor (Electronics and Computer Science) Member
Dr. K. D. Sapate College Principal Member Secretary
Prof. Kavita Shrivastava Regular Faculty Member Member
Prof.Nivedita Regular Faculty Member Member